love more

i’ve been a pinterest + tumblr user for years.  constantly, I reblog / pin inspirational quotes and ideas that have to do with treating people with kindness, respect, and most of all, love.  recently, I’ve been struggling with how to go about displaying this love for people. I feel like I seriously struggle with displaying my love for people in a true and genuine way.  not that I don’t feel it, because I totally do, but I feel like I have trouble showing people the way I feel.


be present – this is something I struggle with constantly.  maybe it’s a mental thing, actually – it totally is, but I’m constantly daydreaming about the future in “if only it were tomorrow..” or “if only I were already graduated…” kind of ways.  it’s like I feel as if I cannot be happy unless I reach certain milestones.  obviously, there will always be a new one, and I will never actually reach them because there will already be a new one by the time I get there.  this goes with the idea of being present.  turning my phone off and just enjoying the moment as it comes.  now is all we have.  somehow, I gotta learn to truly cherish the moment.


do everything in love – one of my favorite bible verses / sayings of all time.  I remember writing essays over this in high school.  make every action, no matter how small, one done in love and joy as best I can.


branch out – obviously, change doesn’t come without making changes.  will anything change if I continue to stay in my bubble? definitely not.


so the whole shy and introverted thing is something I’ve been learning to embrace, but it certainly does hinder the “displaying love” and “branching out” ideas.  not that it’s impossible to do these things, but that I must learn in my own way and time how it works for me. gotta love more




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