hey, I worked hard on that

one mean comment and I was ready to quit something that brought me joy for almost a year and a half.

my little etsy store. yes, it’s tiny, and nothing to brag about, but it sure is fun having my phone light up with “new order!” every once in a while.

it’s not exactly my dream to sell sorority picture frames, but it is my dream to create things I love that will make other people smile. and so I have been, for a little over a year. when I moved off to college – that didn’t stop me. I was crafting those cute little bow frames in MY DORM ROOM! and I would package them all cute and walk over to the campus post office to ship them. I can’t even say how lovely and refreshing the old couple that worked there was for me. the cute old lady was always curious about the little shop I ran, and was always so supportive of me coming in and handing her my cute little packages to mail. on the last day of school, I dropped off my final packages that I would be shipping from there, and the little mail man told me he would genuinely miss my happy smile coming in and saying hello every day. WOW. that made me feel like maybe my small little hobby really did brighten the world a little, no matter how small and insignificant it felt.

anyways. one day this summer, I was checking up on my shop account, and there was a mean review. I mean, maybe it’s inevitable, and I understand that not every person in this world is gonna be on my team, but it stung. I worked hard on that. maybe I’m a little used to going through the motions, but after making over 100 picture frames, I think it’s natural to have developed a technique. I was so discouraged. she called my item “cheap and disappointing.” right then and there, I decided I was done. this isn’t for me. my calling is not picture frames. might as well stop now.

after thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided to not let this one person get me down. maybe she was having a bad day. maybe there was something wrong with the specific one that she received that somehow I had overlooked. endless possibilities. but I am not gonna let this one little thing ruin something that is so dear to me.

this is my chance to learn and grow and become better than ever. this is my time. I’m taking chances



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