it’s only the beginning




summer is finally here. the end of an era is here as well: freshman year is over. wow. I honestly never thought I would move out of that tiny little dorm room.

to be honest, I’m so happy freshman year is over. it was an absolute whirlwind. I have never loved and hated something so much. college is wonderful and refreshing, but absolutely draining and exhausting. I’m glad I had the experience I did during freshman year, and my goal over this summer is to work through some of the tough stuff that I learned, about myself and about the world.

I learned that I am an introvert more than I ever dreamed. growing up, I was always called “quiet” and “shy,” and it used to bother me quite a bit, but recently I’ve been learning to embrace it. there’s a lot more to me than what’s on the surface.

this summer, I’m giving up twitter. I have had a twitter account for over 3 years now, and I’ve come to a point where it’s no longer beneficial to my being.

so today, day one of summer, was a craft day – and for me, that’s a dream come true. an entire day dedicated to creativity? I’m in heaven.

oh summer, please be good to me.